Nacpan & Marimegmeg Beach Day Tour in El Nido, Palawan

Heading to El Nido? Don’t miss out Nacpan Beach for a paradise treat and perfect sunset viewing in Marimegmeg.


My trip to Nacpan and Marimegmeg Beach was still part of my 5D / 4N Solo El Nido Trip. For full itinerary of my 5 Days stay please read link below : My first solo travel in El Nido for 5D / 4N (full itinerary, budget, and tips)

This trip was initially being offered thru Travel Groups as well and they call it the Tour E. But since I have gotten solo on this and decided I wanted to make use of my time, beach bum and plan for my entire day I rented a motorbike with a driver for P800 pesos good for the entire day at Bancuit Bay for the land and beach trip.  If you know how to use the motorbike you may rent also for only P500 pesos for the entire day and you may roam around El Nido (*no traffic at all :p)

If you are two or more and with a certain group, I suggest you hire a tricycle for the land and beach trip, usual cost is P1,500 good for the entire day. You may contact Kuya Erick – 09505022574 as he can offer the trike ride as low as P1,000 pesos. (*I initially booked for him but the motorbike seems more fun for my solo time, so decided on the latter)

By 9AM I was fetched from my hostel and went all the way to Nacpan Beach (the first stop, it was almost a 45 minutes ride from the city proper.

Trip to Nacpan

*I had to take a selfie coz I don’t get to ride in a motorbike in Manila (coz. pollution and safety :p)

There is an entrance fee of P50 pesos when you enter Nacpan Beach. Lucky for me my driver “Kuya Lester” somehow knew everyone in Nacpan so I get to save for that *wink and entered for FREE.

You may contact Kuya Lester – 09502753163 he was my driver and tour guide during this trip plus my photographer hahaha!! (*solo travels feels) I super recommend him! I get to trust him with all my things too.

So here’s Nacpan Beach.

Nacpan Beach

No need to filter your photos, nor to enhance it’s look! It was definitely a paradise!

If you are into Beach Bumming and enjoying a laid back stay at the beach this is a perfect place for you too!


In the entrance area you’ll see tourist playing beach volley and sun bathing everywhere but since we are in motorbike, Kuya Lester toured me all the way to the farthest part of Nacpan and that is where I stayed for hours.


My swimsuit is from an online shop *personalized, bottom from SM Store
Beach Bumming in Nacpan


With the small shade from the tree, I used my pashmina and lie down in the sand as much time as I want. I read a book, sleep for a while and relax myself.

Nacpan Beach


Swim all you can with this crystal and super clear water in Nacpan Beach! I don’t even need to use a goggles for me to see how fine white the sand is and how enchanting this place could be.

Come by 2PM and it was almost after lunch time, I had to try and check out seafoods as well while at the beach. In Nacpan, there were also many restos for you to eat. Price range from 150 – 450 pesos.

Crabs for Lunch!


After lunch I then went to Marimegmeg Beach, it was another 45 minutes motorbike ride all the way from Nacpan.

But prior to the beach I had my ziplining activity for P500.00. Inform your driver ahead of time should you wish to go on zipline, as there is a separate location going to this site. It was almost a 30 – 45 minutes hike all the way on top (*well, I was kinda tired during this time and since I was basically relaxing the entire morning my muscles were then shocked from it :p) On a normal pace, I think 20 minutes will do.

Zipline in Marimegmeg



It was an almost 2 minutes zipline ride. I was able to enjoy it so much, nice view and nice weather that compliments the entire ride.

Marimegmeg Beach

Marimegmeg Beach on the other hand is also a nice destination to visit too, you may also swim here in Marimegmeg but expect more rocks and the water isn’t as crystal clear that of Nacpan.

The highlight here and the tourist make a visit here for the perfect sunset watching. Off course  this should always be part of my itinerary as well!

Sunset in Marimegmeg

I had to secure a sit by 5pm as tourists were all picking up with the perfect spaces to capture the sunset as well.


Thanks to my pashmina wherever I go :p


Compare with Nacpan, Marimegmeg is more commercialized with different and more resto spaces, more party feels vibes and mood in the area and there is more people here anytime of the day.

Marimegmeg Beach


By 6PM after the sunset I hurriedly looked for my service and we went to the public market to buy some pasalubongs as well.

Please see my Itinerary with budget breakdown below : (costing is based from my personal  expense)


AS a whole, this day was pretty much full of new and exciting memories and adventure.

I loved Nacpan Beach so much!!! and I want everyone to come visit and discover the beach too! It is truly a paradise and deserves to be kept as it is. Hope it won’t get more commercialized than that coz it is already perfect!

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11 Replies to “Nacpan & Marimegmeg Beach Day Tour in El Nido, Palawan”

  1. Can’t really believe my eyes that Nachpan beach is real and so heavenly without any filters😍 You look absolutely gorgeous in the photos, Kuya did a great job at photography!! I like Marimegmeg beach too, it’ll make super beautiful silhouette sunset pictures😀 Hopefully I’ll visit both one day!!


  2. It looks such a paradise from your picture! I have not yet been anywhere with great beaches and wildlife feeling… I think I’m behind everyone as Barbados, Bali, Maldives… everything was not on my list up until now. This goes on too!


  3. Solo Trips are too much fun.. I would love to do the zipline and eat some seafood 😛
    Philippines is definitely on my soon to travel list..


  4. Oh I am so excited now! I am visiting El Nido in january and didn’t know if going up to Nacpan was worth it. Now I am utterly convinced that it is. The water looks amazing, and the crabs even more so lol.


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